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Puzuzu is dedicated to showing proof of real aliens and UFO sightings along with many other ghostly anomalies. Puzuzu has in his possession over 13,000 UFO and other anomaly pictures that he has personally captured on camera. There are also pictures taken by his close friends and others around the globe. You will see pictures of mechanical UFOs, biomechanical UFOs, biological UFOs, extraterrestrial orbs, Alien Mummies, and Giants of Ancient times. There are also pictures of UFO clouds, strange super cell clouds that are cloaking motherships and unmanned alien drones along with many other anomalies that are watching over us constantly. Have you ever seen real pictures of the Reptilian Alien God Enki? Look no further because Puzuzu is the only person to have captured him on camera and you will see those photos here on this site. We will also discuss being tagged by an Alien race and what can be done about it. If you have personally captured UFOs on camera, then submit your photos for me to display on this site. There are many other things of an extraterrestrial and Occult nature that will be displayed on this website as well.

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