Biological UFOs known as Belis

We we have the UFOs that are the most interesting to me, which are the Biological UFOs. Biological UFOs are flying objects that are truly alive and not mechanical in any way. They are anomalies in the sky in which humans truly have no knowledge of, except their speculation of what they might be and how fast they move through the sky. If you search the web or watch some TV shows, they call them “Flying Rods” or “Sky Fish” as that is the assigned name given to them by "humans" who know not of their true name. Some mainstream people say they are insects. Some researchers who try to debunk the whole idea of a creature that is unknown to man as a hoax. If we listen to these people, then we would truly live in ignorance. If a scientist cannot touch it and dissect it… then it does not exist in their world. I, on the other hand, have firsthand knowledge of these marvelous creatures. I Spoke with Enki and Enlil about these interesting creatures. I was Enlightened to the fact that they are called “Belis” pronounced like Be-lees. They are multidimensional creatures that are both physical and spiritual and toggle between both realms and many others. Yes, they are living intelligent creatures. They are fluid energy Beings that are protected by Enlil and Enki as they are somewhat related. There are many varieties of these UFO-like creatures that grow from babies to extremely large adults. They are truly magnificent "Shape-Shifters" as there energies are always changing shape. They can go from looking like a Gel Cap to sprouting wings to elongated tubes or stick looking shapes. Their wings also change shape as their body does.

Many of you will say these are bugs or airplanes and whatnot and I tell you they are not. My camera shoots at 8 frames per second. These anomalies are traveling at over 7,000 mph. They are not seen by the naked eye. Only my fast camera and powerful lens can capture them in action. I analyze all my photos.  I also photograph birds and planes to compare flight characteristics and such. Birds and planes do not shape-shift nor do the travel at 7,000 mph. This is how I can verify my photos as being UFOs. Most people would overlook the UFOs in their pictures because they are not looking for them. I say this because most of the time they look very small and are not right in your face. This is also, why I wear magnified glasses when reviewing my photos. When you see even the smallest dot, you should pay attention to its flight path. This will help you determine if it truly is a UFO, if it is performing maneuvers that no bird or manufactured aircraft could ever do. This is easy to do if you have a full sequence of the object in question. Airplanes and birds do not fly straight up and down and turn on a dime. If you have a sequence of an object that has made it across the sky in 4-5 frames which would be half a second on my camera, then it is UFO.
There is also another form of biological UFOs that are pure crystalline energy, which you will see and read about my page entitled Crystalline Energy UFOs.

Note: All these photos are copywrited images belonging to © 2012-2013 Puzuzu Ba'al



These first 3 photographs of these biological UFO known as Belis, are the most amazing ones I have ever taken.


These three pictures are the same object that started out as a white stick like object. It then shape-shifted into a V-like form and finally shifting into an even more bizarre sleek looking object as its flowing wings folded back. I was able to capture sixty-six photographs of this marvelous Belis in action that day. When I was examining these photos on the computer and changing the brightness/contrast of the whole picture, I could see that above them, in the darker part of the rain cloud, there were also many smaller Belis, which were the normal darker rust color. There were about 20-30 smaller ones following the larger white ones this day. These larger white colored Belis are like Elders of their race. They are more evolved than the smaller rust colored Belis.




These next pictures you can click on for an enlarged version. This way you can see the 1,000's of Belis in their "Gel Cap" shape flying in all directions. They were bring in new energies of 2012 at the time. They were being watched over by 4 Gatekeeper UFOs shown in the photo with 4 white objects.




Notice in this next photo, the fluid and sleek shape of the biological UFO Belis. This Belis was quite large and has ping pong paddle looking wings which you will not see on any bird of any kind.

These next 2 photographs show the deep rust color of the Belis and they have not shown their wings.

This next photograph shows the Belis with the same standard rust color, but with its wings spread. Notice the very fat short body and tiny wings. This is not a bug. This Belis was at about  at an altitude of 7,000 feet.

This vertical flying UFO could easily be mistaken for a mechanical UFO. But it has small wings protruding form the back of it. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that it is the biological Belis.

This is a great photo because it shows 2 of the biological Belis flying in sync with each other. I have a full sequence of them and as they twisting through the sky bending back and forth as if they were rubber.. whatever the one Belis did, the other one did exactly the same thing at the same time.

The next 2 photographs are very similar to the last photo but were taken on a different day. It shows 2 Belis flying in perfect sync with each other. The 1st photo they are smaller and the 2nd photo they become longer and bend back in forth in the middle.

This Belis is actually very large. It about the size of a commercial jet. It also has Ping-Pong paddle looking wings which no airplane or Bird of any kind has. You must remember that these creatures shape-shift constantly into many strange forms.

This Belis is extremely long. It is approximately over 100 feet in length.

The next 3 photographs were a sequence of the same biological UFO. Take note of the sleek body and strange flowing wings. The wings shape-shift into a very round form in the 3rd picture.

This next photo shows a sequence of 6 photos that I merged together to show how it looks very much like a bird with its wings. But it was not a birds because it was moving extremely faster than any bird or airplane. Also next to this Belis were 2 more Belis with wings on the front and rear of their bodies.

This next picture shows the classic Gel Cap shape of two Belis in flight. There were many in flight this particular day.

This next photo shows an extremely long Belis in the far distance. It was also bending back in forth in the middle of its body.

Now you have seen quite few of the Biological UFOs known as the Belis. They are magnificent creatures that are attracted to the energies of storms and to higher vibrations. They normally do not interact with humans but had decided to work with me in this life as part of their own experiment with earth.

© 2012-2013 Puzuzu Ba'al

"In Service to Others"

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