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Extraterrestrial Orbs and Anomalies

In the header logo of this page you can see the face of Christ as he came to me on "Good Friday" as I had asked him to, representing how he looked the day he was to be crucified.

Each night is an Extraterrestrial adventure for me as I invoke the powerful Beings of the Cosmos. They are the Multidimensional Beings of Light, ET's whom I have bonded with in the hologram that I occupy in this lifetime. The main Beings that I have a bond with are Enlil, Enki, Christ, Mary, Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel, Ganesh, Jiobbe, Hermel and many others.They come to me each night in the form of Light along with an entourage of Beings that follow them wherever they go. I will say that Enki usually brings the largest entourage with him.

These are not your standard "Spirit Orbs" that show up in pictures that look gray and dim. These are the more highly evolved Beings, meaning they are Extraterrestrials coming in a different form. They come to me in many shapes and colors of Light. Many times they show their faces as I ask them to do so I may identify them. This enhances my anticipation for the night to come quickly as I know a new adventure awaits me. So each night around 10:00 pm I do my Invocations to those I choose to see and bring forth their Energies. I usually set forth an offering according that which they have asked of me. This may include many things such as wine, water, tobacco or hard liquor. These offerings are simply a gesture of Unconditional Love that I have for them. After contact has been made these offerings that I have set forth may then be ingested by myself to intensify the absorption of their Light Energies. These ingested Energies of Light assist me in making deeper contact for when I sleep later that night as this intensifies my bond with these Multidimensional Beings. There are many times that they awaken my physical body during sleep and tell me to go outside as they are anxiously awaiting to show me marvelous things as they like to show off and do things simply to entertain me. If you want me to teach you how to get these entities to come to you, then book a session with me for personal one on one teaching or purchase a copy of my Book entitled...
"Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came" Click here to see.

This 1st photograph was taken at about 3:00 am in the morning. It is one of the Blue Gods that show up quite frequently during the summer months. The photograph following that one show what I call Bunny Man. I do not know much about this spirit other than his one time appearance. Some times many other spirits show up because they are attract6ed to the Higher Evolved entities which I have Invoked into form.


In this next picture you will see Enki coming to me in Light form again. He is always brilliant white Light and usually he has a purple/violet color on one edge of his form and a red color on the other side edge. So here he is in this next pic in my driveway and this is not like a normal Spirit Orb. This is Pure White Light Energy. The is one of the Green Rectangle Entities that are part of Enki's entourage as I mentioned earlier. These rectangles are also biological scouts and protective devices. Yes, they are ships of light that carry no beings for they are beings themselves.


The next photograph shows a very strange Orb with a hole in the middle of it and the following photo is Hermel in Orb form. You can see his very large eyes.


In the next 2 pictures you will see my Extraterrestrial friend named Celest. The name sounds female but he is a male Energy Being. He is a very advanced Being and is not real familiar with the human race. He is somewhat Insectoid and comes here to study me because he is planning on incarnating here in a couple years as he will be a benefit to mankind. He was attracted to my Light. As I have become an Extreme Light Worker over the last few years, I have attracted these Higher Beings. I have many pictures of Celest and in the other pictures he really takes on the shape of a very, very large Insect. He is about a little bigger than a football for he about 12" tall. As you can see, he throws a shadow so he can physically manifest in Light form literally. The shadow you see is not from the camera flash, it is from the light of the moon. It'S kind of funny because Celest has all these strange things coming off his body. Although he may look very strange to us indeed, he has stated to me, that we look very strange to him.


The next photo is of another Being of Light that I have only seen once or twice and it shows itself as nothing more than Golden Wings. The following photo shows an Native American Indian spirit guide of mine named Red Feather. This is a very bizarre photo indeed as it looks like he is wearing a gold top and a purple hat upon his head.


The next photograph was taken by a creek in my mothers back yard. They are 3 Fairies. There were hundreds of them present that night. You can see each of them is a different color and you can see their little eyes within their Orbs. The Following photo shows one of my spirit guides whom brings 3 entities with them as you can see by the 3 dark spots within the Orb.


The next photograph is of Jiobbe and is quite interesting to say the least. Jiobbe is the Great Counselor to Enki. He is an Extraterrestrial who is very involved and very experienced with the planet earth. He is a multidimensional Being who has lived some extraordinary challenging lives and is therefore a good advisor to Enki because he brings with him the solid and practical experience of situations on earth in which Enki can intervene. You can see his face in the Blue Orb and if you are having trouble doings so, look at the drawing of his face in the following picture.


The next photo shows a stick like anomaly which I believe to be what is called a Belis, which you can see more pictures of on my Biological UFOs page. This is the 1st one I have seen come so close and at night. I usually photograph them during the day hours.

The next group of photographs show many of the very colorful Orbs that come around on a nightly bases. They come in many colors.





And here we have a couple Orbs that are tear drop shaped which is also quite common around my home at night. If you look close you will see very large alien looking eyes.


The story of my adventure with these Beings goes much deeper and intense beyond most people’s imagination. My life is more like a Stephen King novel. When I show my pictures to my "mainstream" friends, they never look at me the same. They think that I am a scary individual. But that is how mainstream people are. They go thru life with blinders on and are afraid of that which they do not understand. I have thousand of these pictures that are even more bizarre. I also have over 8,000 photos of UFO's that I myself have taken of many different Extraterrestrial races and over 3,000 photos of other anomalies. For even more information about this...
Purchase a copy of my Book entitled "Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came" Click here to see.

But for now… this is slice of my night life to bestow upon you. For those who walk in the Light… I Invoke the Light of a Higher Frequency for you to Raise your Light Quotia. For those who are still in the Dark…. I give my Unconditional Love as I carry the Light for you until you are ready to walk the same Path and become the Light Worker for Planetary Evolution and Mankind. I Wish upon you all the "Light and the Truth".