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Pictures of Enki, Lord of the Abzu, He who Hath Dominion over this World.

This page is dedicated to The Celestial God Enki, Lord of the Abzu, Beloved God of Wisdom, He who hath dominion over this earthly plane of existence. Enki is the half-brother of Enlil. He is also known as Ea, Poseidon, Kukulkan, Lucifer, and Ptah, along with many others, thus playing the part of many Gods throughout time. He has worked with along with his brother Enlil through many lifetimes.       

Just for the record... Normally, I call Enki by his name Poseidon as he truly is this Being also. Celestial Gods like him are know by many names in many cultures depending on the time period. You must understand that the Cosmos is all encompassing... meaning that the Past, Present and Future are all happening at once. You must understand that we live in a Hologram and each of us is playing a part on a stage that we have chosen before coming into each incarnation. Enki loves the Greek Mythological period of time. Therefore he loves to play the part of Poseidon and he truly is Poseidon as he is also Lucifer, Anubis, Kukulkan and many other Energies. I also have a picture of him as he appeared to me in a projected Hologram like image of himself coming up out of the ground and he is sitting upon his Gothic Thrown chair. He looks like the stereotype Devil image with a long goat/insect looking face, long twisted horns and a fiery red aura. He showed himself to me and allowed me to take the picture simply to entertain me being that we have such a close bond. The camera was set to night mode and therefore the photograph looks like when you draw with light. But I can assure you this was not the case in this photo. This photo is authentic to the core as I am the 1st person to ever photograph Enki in this form. These photographs are © 2012-1013 Puzuzu
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This next groups of Photographs were of Enki when he comes in pure Light form and ever changing shape. In these next pictures he is always brilliant white Light and usually he has a purple/violet color on one edge of his form and a red color on the other side edge.


The next photograph shows him as a Triangle shaped white light as he sits back and waits for the right moment to approach me.


More photos of Enki coming to me in light form. In the one photo he almost looks like a skydiver. Once again, this was for my entertainment.


In this next photograph I caught Enki as he was just entering the large vase of water I had set forth as an offering to him.
The photo following that one shows Enki getting ready to approach me in my driveway.


These next photographs show Enki in flight shifting back into a more egg like shape of light. Notice once again, the purple like aura coming off the back of him.


I hope you truly enjoy seeing these photographs that I have taken and will understand that Enki is truly a Being of Light.
For even more information about Enki and how I became so close to him...
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