Reptilian UFO Pictures taken by Puzuzu


These are photographs of flying saucers, anomalies and other shaped Reptilian UFOs that myself and some close friends have taken here in the SRQ area of Florida. These UFOs emanate from the Motherships of Enlil and Enki whom reside here in the summer months and that is why this is the "Lightning Capital" of the world. Yes... the Lightning is generated by the push of a button in the Motherships of Enlil and Enki. So when the Lightning storms come, I know that Enlil or Enki is here.

Some of you might ask... "Why are there no photos of UFOs just staying still and hovering?" This is because the Alien races do not want to be seen by the public. Many of them are Scouts and therfore are not meant to be seen. Just as if you were a scout in the military sent out to scope out the opposition... you would not want to bee seen in your covert workings. So the same goes for these UFOs and their workings.

These photos are not fake in any way, shape or form. I have over 8,000 photographs that I have personally taken. On any given day I can photograph anywhere from 7 - 200 UFOs in a matter of only a few minutes. This is because I am guided by Enlil as to when and where to point my camera.

In each photo I have enlarged the UFO in question and changed the contrast/brightness so that the shape of the craft will be easier to see and identify.

For more information on how I take these photos and how I made contact with these Extraterrestrial Gods, purchase a copy of my book entitled "Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came" . You can find the paperback or Kindle/Ipad version on


This is one of Enlil's Reptilian tube ships which normally fly in vertical patterns most of the time. Notice the slanted front and rear ends. The middle of the UFO is tan and rust color. The color ray of Enlil is of a rust color or a combination of orange and red, shall we say. The other object in the picture is a large stork.

This picture is of 4 Reptilian guardian UFOs that were watching over the "Belis" which are Biological UFOs that were bringing forth new energies that particular day.

This photo shows one of the only UFOs discs that I have been able to capture that has an Antenna on the top and bottom of it.

This picture shows a very sleek styled UFO. Notice that it is flying at a 45 degree angle.

This shows a UFO Disc flying close to a small cessna airplane.

This picture shows 2 white UFO breaking through into this dimension. There were actually several more that were trying to break through when this photo was taken.

In this photo you can see the UFO Disc is ripping through the air so fast you can see how the is dispersing on the side of the UFO.

This is the same UFO Disc ripping through the air as the  previous photo above this one.

In this photo there are 3 objects. One is a small airplane in the background. Then there is a UFO Drone and a UFO Disc in the foreground.

This photo shows another unique UFO craft in flight. It has a very strange body style as you can see the dark shaped bottom of the craft and the dome shaped top


This picture shows one of Enlil's UFOs following me as I was skydiving. The UFO showed itself right when I deployed my Canopy.

This picture is another one of Enlil's UFOs. This is one with another unique shape to it.

This photo shows a UFO that I believe to be the same type of craft as the one in the previous picture above.

This picture show a tube shaped UFO in vertical flight. This UFO is about the size of two commercial jetliners lined up end to end.

This is a more rectangular UFO buzzing across the sky as Enlil's Mothership is close ar hand.

This photo shows my another vertical flight UFO in action. These are my favorite types of photos because none of my friends can say that this is a bird or airplane. Birds and planes do not fly in such a manner.

This photograph shows a UFO Disc flying through a heavy rain storm.

For even more information about these UFOs...
Purchase a copy of my Book entitled "Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came"
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