Sirian UFOs

Pictures of Sirian War God UFOs

This page shows photos taken by myself and a friend of mine who was Tagged by these Sirian War Gods. She had been abducted and followed by them since she was a young child. She did not know who they were or that she had an Implant until she came to stay with me for a month. That is when we channeled Enlil to find out who these UFOs belonged to and why they were following her. We managed to disable her implant which was at the nape of her neck near her Medulla Oblongata, through a Ritual with Christ and a Pleiadian by the name of Tau. But until we disabled her implant, these Aliens followed us everywhere we went. There was one main black V ship and several others that were round in shape and a Drone that was oval shaped. These UFOs came close to us and surrounding cars than any other UFO I have encountered. They were very aggressive to say the least. I knew they were worried about losing their subject of study,being that I was going to disable her implant.

The first 2 photos were taken by her as she driving from Ohio to New Jersey. This is the main Black V ship. Notice how close they come to the road.


These next 5 photos were taken on the way to Lido Key here in Sarasota, Florida. Once again you will see the Black V and and Black and Rust colored round UFO.




These next 2 photos were also taken on the way to Lido Key. They show the Oval shaped Drone that would fly right up to cars only a few feet away. Trust me when I tell you these are not Spirit Orbs. These are mechanical UFOs that are on another Dimension, but still right in front of us.


These next 2 photos we took why we were on Lido Key beach relaxing for a day in the sun. The whole entourage on Sirian UFOs were buzzing around us all day.


These next photos were taken form my car on our way to go Skydiving. These agressive bastards followed our car all the way up and back. In the 1st photo there are actually 7 Sirian UFOs and the main one is buzzing the Bradenton water tower.


These were taken the same day and you can see the oval shaped Drone coming within a couple feet of the semi truck.


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