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Strange Clouds as Signs in the Sky

Do you remember when you were little and would look up at the sky and say that clouds looks like a duck or a bunny rabbit? When I was young, I traveled quite often across country in the car with mom and dad, being bored to death having to just sit there and maybe read a book. There was no such thing as DVD players built into cars. Hell, there was no such thing as DVD's period. Therefore, my passing the time consisted of annoying my younger sister and looking at the sky to see what the clouds looked like, turning them into imaginary characters and so on. I never would have thought that one day I would always look up at the sky to see if the big super cell clouds hiding Motherships and UFO Scouts that might be watching me, as if I were an amoeba in a petri dish.
People are too busy with their everyday actions of the material world to pay attention to their surroundings. They do not see God in every living thing; the trees, the grass, the ocean, the birds and so on. They walk through life oblivious to everything that is part of the Divine. This being said, they do not realize that are being watched and observed every day by many advanced races of Extraterrestrials.

These are photos that I Puzuzu took here in the SRQ area of Florida.  This 1st photograph is one that was taken during the early evening and not to be confused with the Lenticular clouds which look like UFOs. These are what is called a Noctilucent cloud, also known as a Night cloud. It was Otto Jesse of Germany, who coined the term "Noctilucent cloud", which means night shining cloud. He was the first person to photograph them, in 1887. These clouds are very rare to see and they look as though they are illuminated in the dark sky. So yes, these clouds glow in the night sky. They are strange glowing clouds that were put in place as a sign from Enlil or Enki that they and their Reptilian energies were close at hand. This is why the cloud looks like a Dragon or Snake.  For even more information about these clouds and UFOs...
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This last photo shows the head of the Noctilucent Dragon cloud.

This next photograph is what I call the Phoenix Rising. It is a formation coming off of one of Enki's Skyships. Notice the hole in the middle of the body you will see this same hole in the following photo.

This same day, there were 3 of Enki's Skyships surrounding my home for a visit. Notice the same hole in the body of this cloud which belongs to Enki.
Notice the wings stretched out just like in the 1st photo.

This next photograph is what I called "Angel cloud". This shape of cloud was present quite frequently.

Another cloud formation that would appear frequently was what I called the
"Hole in the Sky". which would always be right over top of my home.

For even more information about these clouds and UFOs...
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These next 2 photographs are actually Motherships. But I do not label them some much as the "Mothership clouds" because these are not super cell clouds. However they are cloaking a Reptilian Motherships on another dimension. When calling upon Enlil these Motherships would move close to me and even reverse their direction at my call to Enlil.


This next photo I call "The Face of Zeus" as Enlil was close this day. For those who do not know, Enlil is also Zeus.

The next 2 pictures show a face. The 1st one is very easy to see. In the second photo, look to the bottom left corner and you will see the small dark clouds that make up the eyes and mouth.


Therefore, if you ask for signs that higher powers are watching over you, then you will receive them. It is then simply a matter of… will you see them? Signs from higher powers can be in many forms and are usually right in our face, yet we fail to see them. Even when we do not ask for signs, they are still given to us as an answer to our prayers or needs in life. So wake up and pay attention to the detail of everything around you in life. Quit looking down at your cell phone and hold your head up.