UFO alien mothership clouds

Mothership Clouds cloaking Alien Mothersips

Mothership clouds are super cell clouds that are cloaking actual Extraterrestrial Motherships. You must understand that these Motherships are actually on another dimension, just as a spirit that visits you in the night. They are right in front of you, but they are on another dimension. They can see us, but we cannot see them. This would allow any airplane to fly through these types of clouds and not crash into a Mothership. There are some people who cannot fathom the idea of any type of alien craft being right before the eyes. But it is true, they're are right in front of us all the time in one part of the world or another. The photos on this page were taken by myself Puzuzu and these Mothership clouds belong to the Celestial Gods Enlil and Enki. They were truly beautiful sights to behold. Many of you will ask yourself "How do I know what Puzuzu is saying is true about these clouds?" The answer is because I have communicated with Enlil and Enki for quite some time now and have through many lives. Therfore, I am well informed by these Celestial Gods as to their vehicles of travel and so forth. For more detailed information on this and all my Alien Encounters, Purchase a copy of my Book entitled "Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came" Click here to see.

This 1st photograph shows a Mothership belonging to Enki taken in October of 2012. I do not know the exact name of this ship as it was not specified to me at the time.

This photograph shows Enlil's Tamarandak in the summer sky August of 2012

This next photo was from the same day, but was taken by my neighbor friends while they were at the beach. It is the same Mothership cloud belonging to Enlil.

This next photo shows one of Enlil's smaller Motherships the Tahazu Zog which means “Battleship that Shines”.

This next photograph shows Enlil's Mothership called the Tamarandak, which means beautiful Earthship. This Mothership cloud was much to big to get in the whole picture. It looked as if it were bigger than the city I live in. There is also a small UFO Drone that was coming towards me in this photo. Which you will see enlarged in the following picture.

This next photo was taken the same time as the last 2 photos. This is the Tahazu Zog which was parked in the eastern sky right next to the Tamarandak. You will also see a small white dot in the right of the photo. That small white dot is another UFU Drone emanating from the Mothership.

The photo below shows the Tamarandak heading towards my home.

This next photo shows a Mothership of Enlil rising up out of a larger group of clouds.

All of the following photographs are Motherships from the summer during rainy season here in SRQ.


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